Bowling For Soup Acoustic - Union Chapel
Live Review

Bowling For Soup Acoustic – Union Chapel

The acoustics in Union Chapel are absolutely fantastic and it lends itself to a quieter show excellently. However, being a functioning church, having the congregation… I mean audience sat in pews and no alcohol being allowed in the chapel gave this Bowling For Soup show somewhat of a different atmosphere. Jaret and Erik were their usual jovial selves but the cussing seemed a whole lot more naughty considering the surroundings.

Apart from feeling a bit odd about not having a beer in hand and jumping up and down to my favourite BFS tracks the acoustic show was incredible. Proving that through all the goofy lyrics and fun-time Frankie stage presence is a couple of excellent musicians and seemingly nice guys. Hearing classics like The Bitch Song and Ohio (Come Back To Texas) striped back without them being screamed back from the crowd was interesting and incredible. I don’t know if it was the effect of the venue, the lack of alcohol in the crowd or just that they were in awe of the two band members on stage but you could hear a pin drop while they performed and provided rapturous applause once they’d finished. It felt a lot less like a gig and more like a stage show or theatre performance. Everyone in that room was definitely worshiping at the altar of Bowling For Soup that night and I hope it helped them realise just how much they certainly will be missed from our shores in future.
I have one more night with them at the Hammersmith Apollo next Wednesday then who knows how long it will be before they return to the UK. I’m already planning a BFS holiday when they announce their next stateside tour. Who’s with me?

Venue: Union Chapel
Support Band: Guests

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