Radkey - Devil Fruit EP
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Radkey – Devil Fruit EP

Devil Fruit is the second EP from Radkey, the hard rocking trio of teenage brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri. And just as with their debut Cat And Mouse EP it captures the sheer energy of their music perfectly. The brothers are aged between 15 and 19 with Dee Radke on guitar and vocals, Isaak Radke on bass and vocals and Solomon Radke behind the drums. They play high impact punk/ grunge rock music that is fast and melodic, full of heavy beats and great rhythms.

Lead track Romance Dawn has a deceptive slow start before it bursts into life in typical Radkey fashion as the drums set the pace. With a great hook and deep, chanted vocals this one is a real stand out. Little Man tells of the brothers’ grandfather – in none too flattering terms as the title suggests. There is controlled anger and real passion here. The bass leads the track and the anthemic chorus is again simple but effective.

Start Freaking Out, a song about losing control and just having fun, is also bass heavy but with faster vocal delivery and more of a punk feel. It’s basically a good 100mph rocker. Overwhelmed is the story of someone who has just had enough. The anger seeps through the powerful lyrics and the guitar chords are dirty and raw.

Radkey are a very talented young trio, and this new EP shows that they are continuing to grow and to write good songs. The best way to listen is to turn the volume up high and just enjoy the adrenalin fuelled rush of music. The band’s live sets are quite spectacular too. Energetic, entertaining and full of superb music, these boys know how to rock it out. There are still a few shows left on their current UK tour backing Drenge – they are not to be missed.

Venue: Devil Fruit EP
Support Band: Little Man Records

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