CITIES - Self Titled EP
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CITIES – Self Titled EP

On the surface, this debut EP from Kent 4-piece CITIES offers 4 tracks of intelligent, well-put-together and impressively performed anthemic alt rock. Dig a little deeper and what we actually have is a little gem of a debut, and one which hints at much bigger things to come.

Lead single The Early Hours crashes in to life with a great riff and groove before giving way to a massive tune up there with the best of Thrice and Lower Than Atlantis – it’s almost a shame it isn’t the first track on the record. Not to worry though, as the ambitious You Deserve Anything brings with it the first of many HUGE choruses a la Funeral For A Friend and Brand New, and sets straight from the very start how tight these guys are – it’s an accomplished effort as well as a hugely listenable one.

My favourite track, One Of These Days makes the most of their combined vocal talents and again presents an interesting structure that keeps you guessing. This is what I like about the CITIES EP the most, it doesn’t suffer from being predictable, but it’s also a self-assured and confident offering from a band that clearly have destinations much further afield than their native Tunbridge Wells in their sites. Only Alive hints at the best of Hundred Reasons and an Alkaline Trio-esque second half that again strikes that perfect balance of hook and melody with power and rhythm.

Recent supports alongside Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis sets the boys up for a mini tour later this month, and now sharing management with both SLAVES and Hang The Bastard, you suspect it won’t be long before CITIES arrive in one near you soon.

– Adam Lewis

Venue: Self Titled EP
Support Band: Self Release

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