Jana Josephina – I Know

I Know is the debut single from Jana Josephina’s forthcoming album Contradictions. Josephina is described rather extravagantly as “a singer, songwriter and soon-to-be pop star from Frankfurt via Mallorca, Paris, London, Zurich and New York” and her upbeat electro-pop music is bright and vibrant.

I Know sees Jana Josephina’s strong vocals, which have a hint of the orient in her phrasing, backed by a pulsing synth rhythm over a strong bass line. The big chorus sees her extend her voice nicely and the result is a radio friendly and energetic pop song. The track was produced in Manchester by Joe Cross, who has worked with the likes of Zoot Women and Hurts recently, and he also plays the keyboards on the track.

Josephina is clearly a talented vocalist, and is also an actress who has appeared in various theatre productions, movies and television shows in her native Germany. But music seems to be her first love, and this single should quickly bring her to the attention of UK pop fans. This one could be a big hit.

Venue: I Know
Support Band: Check One Two Perfect

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