Katie Melua – Where Does The Ocean Go?

Where Does The Ocean Go is a slow and haunting song of loss delivered quite beautifully by Katie Melua. There is the feel of a traditional folk lament in this track, which was written by Melua with Mike and Luke Batt and inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.

The single is taken from Melua’s recent album Ketevan, which is her Georgian birth name. All six of her albums, released over the past ten years, have made the top ten, a feat that few others have managed.

Where Does The Ocean Go? opens with an acoustic guitar backing the sublime vocals. Melua has a rare depth to her emotional delivery and this tale of love lost is sung with a real air of heartbreak. The style of delivery is a taste of what is to come on her forthcoming Simplified Tour, where Melua will be accompanied only by bass and keyboards. It should be something very special to hear such a fine voice given space to shine.

Venue: Where Does The Ocean Go?
Support Band: Dranatica

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