Paper Tiger - Irresistible
Single Review

Paper Tiger – Irresistible

Paper Tiger already impressed with their debut album, Laptop Suntan, from last October, and so anything taken from that release would receive a seal of approval from me.

Unsurprisingly, the single package that heralds the release of Irresistible gets the nod without a doubt, its lead track is a soulfully laced electro hip-hop with glitchy touches that ticks all the right boxes as far as I’m concerned, and the distinctly un-american rap is another satisfying element that adds weight to an already favoured form

Delving deeper into the track listing and that soulful vocal turn lends itself perfectly to Debian Blak’s remix that channels the Artful Dodger to meld Paper Tiger into 2-step challengers ready to revel in the garage revival we find ourselves in the midst of, and Resistance, Paper Tiger’s very own re-jig of Irresistible puts in an appearance twice, reinvented with a brooding shuffle and horn flourishes, it is presented here as a clean and a dirty version, presumably incase you felt the need to play it to your mother or grandma.

Venue: Irresistible
Support Band: Wah Wah 45s

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