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Parks And Recreation Season Four Review

parksIf you’re not already familiar with Parks and Recreation it is possibly one of the cutest shows out there. If you’re not a fan of cute back away now. Parks and Recreation (rumoured to be originally conceived as a spin-off from the US version of The Office) is a comedy sit-com of the reality talk to the camera elk, set in the parks and recreation office of fictional town Pawnee. The central character is Leslie (Amy Poehler) featuring her colleagues in the department and other city council folk.

As was left at the end of season three, just when Leslie and Ben (Adam Scott) have finished working together and could possibly go public with their romance, Leslie is invited to run for city council. This is the overarching plot of the season with the typical side line storylines. Whilst an easy and enjoyable season it does feel as though the writers have gone a little off peak at times. Parks and Recreation is not intended to have in-depth storylines nor conflict and drama, it is a heart warming comedy, but there are moments when the plausibility becomes a stretch. The whole Leslie and Ben keeping their romance a secret verges on ridiculous (more tedious less funny) and can become an irritant because you know they are going to get together and wish they would just get on with it already. One of the sub-plots is two of the characters you would never pair up becoming romantically involved is just plain weird. Despite them playing to the fact it is weird it still never feels like it should be happening, unlike the perfect pairing of April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) who continue to be a match made in heaven.

Despite season four not being quite as good as season three there are still some utter gems. Every single scene with Ron (Nick Offerman) is perfection. Now that is a man who can make you laugh with the smallest facial expressions. Throw in not only Tammy Two but Tammy One all wrapped up in one episode and you have the best of the season. Paul Rudd also makes a hilarious appearance as Leslie’s opponent for city council. And if you don’t choke up just a little at the end of that last episode you are heartless!

The array of extras on the DVD are plentiful and if you are a fan of audio commentaries the Parks and Recreation ones are usually worth a listen. If you have a fear of spiders then watch the webisodes of April and Andy’s road trip, there is a particular situation there many will understand.

Season four is now available but if you’re only just picking up on the show there will be a 1-4 boxset out in March, a worthwhile investment.

4 Stars




Lauren Cracknell



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