Ensh - Belgrade
Single Review

Ensh – Belgrade

This eight track EP is the first release from Serbian born electronic artist and producer Ensh, otherwise known as Milenko Vujosevic. After many years in Toronto Ensh returned to Belgrade and was revitalised by his new surroundings. This EP is the result, and the subject matter largely comes from his observations of the changes in Serbia during his years away,

The music is keyboard based with all sorts of loops and swirls backing Ensh’s smooth vocals. It tends to be quite sedate with some interesting melodies floating by, although Robin Hood is faster paced and Tourist has a slightly harder edge to it. The opening track and lead single Fiks is interesting and varied with an anti drugs message, while Social Circle describes the influence of “imperialists from the West” on Belgrade in a rhythmic track that pulsates nicely.

In all honesty electronic music is not really my thing. But Ensh has put together a good debut here with some provocative lyrics bursting through the layers of pleasant textured keyboard sounds. If synths are your bag then this EP is well worth checking out.

Venue: Belgrade
Support Band: self

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