Egos At The Door - Egos At The Door
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Egos At The Door – Egos At The Door

Following on from their debut album ‘Blankets of Denial’, Blackburn quartet Egos At The Door are back with a self-titled EP, soon to be released through independent Lockjaw Records. You’ll figure what they’re about and whether you love or hate them in the first 30 seconds of listening to the opening track ‘For lack of better words…’ In all honesty, it’s difficult to describe what they sound-like, but if I gave it my best shot, I’d say they’re math-metal mixed with elements of hardcore and a dash of djent. Whatever you want to think of them, they’re fast, they’re loud and they’re obviously really talented musicians. If experimental, technical art-rock is your thing; these guys are definitely one to watch out for.

Personally, particular stand out tracks are “I need and excuse to think” a perfect blend of melody lined hardcore vocals and math riffs and Polar Perspectives I and II where the tracks progression shows how undeniably apparent their vast genre-influence is – with grunge, jazz, hardcore, metal and art-rock all being fused into one. It’s easy to pick out individual tracks, but to be honest, you really need to listen to the album as a whole to fully appreciate it for the art it is.

Its engaging, impressive and a breath of fresh air. Obviously it’s a bit mental, and if you’re not into this sort of music will take you a couple of listens to fully take it in, but it’s worth it.

– Mercedes Brown

Venue: Egos At The Door
Support Band: Lockjaw Records

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