The Deadmen - The Deadmen EP
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The Deadmen – The Deadmen EP

The Deadmen is a new roots rock band out of Washington DC. The project is a collaboration between three singer songwriters – Americans Justin Jones and Justin Hoben together with South African Josh Read. This self released debut EP gives a taste of the talents that the trio have brought together, with elements of rock, folk, indie and Americana skilfully fused together into five fine tracks.

It is the slower songs that really stand out on this release. Robin, perhaps the pick of the EP, features a soft country rock air with some lovely harmony vocals. It is a melodic and melancholy track with tender lyrics and great emotional impact. Let Your Fingers Rule has a romantic feel, a country influenced Americana sound that begins with an acoustic guitar backing smooth vocals and grows beautifully.

Old Stone Bridge is the fastest paced of the songs, a real solid rocker with a big chorus and a great bluesy guitar solo. Money has a harsher edge, not so much as a celebration of the American dream as a critique of the values that can be behind it. The EP’s closer, Sons And Dogs starts slowly, referencing Neil Young to establish its pedigree, before developing into a real foot stomping six minute long rocker with more great guitar work that culminates in a big solo to finish in real style.

The Deadmen have shown here that there is great potential in this new project. The trio of Jones, Hoben and Read clearly work well together as both songwriters and performers – and the rhythm section of John Hutchins on bass and drummer Miles Nasta deserve a mention for their fine contributions too. The Deadmen’s take on the classic Americana sound is fresh and exciting, and the good news is that there is an album to come sometime soon.

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