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Robocop Soundtrack Review

roboWhilst there is plenty to get on board with in the action department – the score misses out any of the “Theme” based glories of Robocop’s past.

OK, there is also a quick revisit to Basil Poledouri’s Robocop Theme from the original move which stands out like a sore thumb here. Partly because the reboot has been trying something new and this serves only to remind listeners of not only a superior film, but a superior soundtrack as well. But it also stands out from a score that is tonally very different – devoid of themes or much in the way of marching bombast. The retrofit of the theme that we get isn’t even given a good upgrade with a dragged percussion making it barely serviceable.

The rest of this, admittedly long, score is more mechanical in its need to serve the serious tone of the drama of the film. There is little character standing out. The action beats do their job well enough, but perhaps what the music was in need of was a film that itself stood head above the clouds in order to breathe some enthusiasm into the score.

This new take on Robocop then can hit the streets and get the job done, but the evaluation is merely competent. Another outing with a more focussed approach aimed at character and thematics might help next time round.

2 Stars



Steven Hurst

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