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The Monument’s Men Soundtrack Review

mmenFrench composer Alexandre Desplat is fast becoming one of the big boys in Hollywood with 6 nominations for score under his belt.  And whilst he has his name on some huge blockbusters liek the last two films in the Harry Potter series and this year’s Godzilla relaunch, he more commonly has his name on much more serious fare like Argo, Syriana, The Queen and The Kings Speech.

He continues the good work here with a study not just of the times the film is set, but some of the conventions that previous military movies of similar stature have toyed with. So whilst it isn’t quite whistling to the river Kwai.

This isn’t a stand out score for Desplat, but it is worth remembering that his scores serves largely not to detract from the film itself – but are often well accomplished works that know their place within cinema. It’s decent enough and there is a variety of tracks to choice from.

3 Stars



Steven Hurst

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