Jesus On The Mainline - War
Single Review

Jesus On The Mainline – War

Here’s a huge new tune from a fifteen piece rag-tag group of New York’s finest young musicians. You might not have heard of Jesus On The Mainline just yet, but we’re guessing it won’t be long before they’re making waves on this side of the Atlantic.

Blending blues, jazz, gospel and soul for a larger-than-life sound, new single ‘War’ is a bold statement from this retro-chic outfit. Part Chicago, part Mavis Staples, all kinds of soulful effervescence – we can only imagine JOTM are a force to be reckoned with live if this record is anything to go on.

There are massive church hall harmonies, a lead male vocal that could testify its way to the front of Soul Train, sharp and satisfying brass stabs and an underlying groove and beat that make it impossible not to move your feet – how could we not fall in love with this one?

We’ll be mainlining ‘War’ for the next few days on heavy repeat and suggest you do likewise, check it out here:

Venue: War
Support Band: Self Release

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