Cher Lloyd - Sirens
Single Review

Cher Lloyd – Sirens

Who was Cher Lloyd? Can anyone remember? She won something on TV anyway right?

Well she’s back with a terribly bland new offering ‘Sirens’ which boasts some of the worst production we’ve heard in a while and loads of annoying samples of police cars. At one point in the video some hard looking blokes inexplicably chatting in the background while Lloyd hides in a cupboard smoking.

This doesn’t make her look like a bad ass. It makes her look like an idiot.

The song itself is a pretty embarrassing pastiche of what sound like Katy Perry and Rihanna cast-offs with the usual radio friendly drone of auto-tuned warbling and a lukewarm message of redemption seeping from the soggy edges.

God awful.

Venue: Sirens
Support Band: Syco

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