King Avriel - Caricatures
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King Avriel – Caricatures

The latest track from 23 year-old artist, King Avriel, comes in the form of a bare-all visual for the single “Caricatures.”

We’ve been raving about Avriel for a while now as her intelligent rhymes and cutting beats paint her as a serious force to be reckoned with – a woman who knows her own mind and is extremely aware of how she is perceived by press and the fans alike.

When we heard she was baring all for her latest video we almost fell directly into her trap before we checked ourselves and saw what she was trying to achieve. “Not another female selling out and getting naked for the attention?” you might say, but she sees things in a different light, as she confronts the question of why it should matter. Is it her actions that should change, or our perceptions?

In explaining the video, Avriel comments:

“We choose what we want to see. With this, you have three choices: to see me as a body, to see me as a mind, or to see me as a complex am amalgamation of both. Whether I am fully a human or simply a caricature depends entirely on your vantage point.”

An artist that keeps you guessing every step of the way, the new single is another classic slice of nu-soul hiphop from the young songstress.

“Caricatures” will feature on her forthcoming album thesis.

Venue: Caricatures
Support Band: N/A

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