Jennifer Davies - Lapse of Time EP
Album Review

Jennifer Davies – Lapse of Time EP

Floating in a sea of regurgitated pop and looking for a decent hook to hang your metaphorical hat on? Look no further than this raucous debut offering from Jennifer Davies, whose collaboration with Tord Knudsen from The Wombats ticks pretty much every box you could want from a rock-solid pop release.

‘Lapse of Time’ is a thoroughly refreshing and credible collection that manages to avoid any clichés and pitfalls by bolstering the main components – notably the enormous, hook-perforated choruses and stonking great melodies – with some very solid full-band instrumentation and a satisfyingly organic approach to production.

Co-writing with Knudsen clearly brings a Scandi-pop flavour to proceedings but there’s enough variety across these five tracks to paint Davies out as a very capable performer with a wealth of her own ideas and a deft touch when it comes to writing a decent pop track. ‘Silhouette’ in particular is a highlight with its The Knife-meets-Arcade Fire indie swagger punctuated with an oriental sounding melody evocative of neon Tokyo mid-nights.

Ultimately, this EP serves as a stark spotlight on the current writers in the Top 40 and begs the question; why aren’t any of the UK’s bigger pop acts cracking out hits like these, and when will this partnership get the recognition they deserve for this stunning debut release?

More please Ms. Davies!

Venue: Lapse of Time EP
Support Band: STUDIIO

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