The One Hundred - Subculture EP
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The One Hundred – Subculture EP

A year in the making, London’s very own The One Hundred are keeping up the new mash-up metalcore sound with the release of their EP ‘Subculture’. Having destroyed the UK music scene this summer, it was clear that they had a fan base that was growing rapidly even without the release of any music as yet.

One part old school Shikari/Gallows/SAHC scene sounding, with a bit more Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte and a side of Lethal Bizzle, Subculture is a mash-up metal core EP that you will want to make sure your ears are prepared for.

The Hell should be cursing themselves that this EP was so good. The opening track ‘NO FKX’ sets the standard for the release from the get go. Starting off with a grime melody and breaking out into metalcore elements, The One Hundred sure know how to set the record straight. An EP with new tracks is good, but an EP with a mix of new and old tracks to get fans excited as they know a song to dance along with already is better, and ‘Breed’ is the track for us. It almost seems like the list of genres that this band cross is never-ending, and that could normally lead down a messy and uncategorisable dodgy back-alley, but this is more yellow brick road.

Subculture is exciting, it’s prophetic, it’s something that midday Radio 1 listeners would be most confused about; they wouldn’t know whether to be excited or scared. Most of all it’s a great EP from a new band that you are sure to cross paths with at some point this year, so make sure you’re ready.

– Jess Kempner

Venue: Subculture EP
Support Band: UNFD

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