Only Real - Pass The Pain
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Only Real – Pass The Pain

You cant help but feel that this new single from West London native Only Real has missed the boat by a few weeks – any earlier and it could have been the feel good hit of the summer.

‘Pass The Pain’ is a delicious, and we mean really delicious, slice of nostalgic 90’s alt-pop that’s been turbo charged for 2014 – think New Radicals ‘Get What You Give’ strained through Dinosaur JR’s choppier riffs with front man Niall Galvin’s wonderfully British vocal slurring all over the top.

There’s so much swagger in this single it’s almost repulsively cool – it has the infectious, quality songwriting of LEN’s Steal My Sunshine and the understated geek hip of Beck’s smash hit Loser.

Feel good hit of the summer or not, we’ll be spinning this one on heavy rotation for the next few weeks while we squeeze every ounce of fun we can out of the dwindling sunshine hours.

Steam it here:

‘Pass The Pain’ is released September 29 on Virgin EMI (UK) and Harvest Records (US) and comes ahead of Only Real’s debut album which is due early 2015.

Venue: Pass The Pain
Support Band: Virgin EMI

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