Roughneck Riot - Out Of Anger
Album Review

Roughneck Riot – Out Of Anger

An apt album title, Roughneck Riot’s current offering is 13 songs of protest and annoyance. Sitting somewhere between Against Me! and The Pogues, the self proclaimed folk-punk outfit are exactly that – they’re songs are as catchy as they are important, and they somehow blend two unique sounds and genres with incredible ease.

Album opener ‘Animosity’ leads Out Of Anger into what can only be described as a provoked and offensive album; but not offensive to your ears. Songs like ‘England’s Desperate Liars’ and the punchy ‘Never Silenced, Never Stopped’ show more prowess than you could guess, while the former may be the best on offer. All the hooks, all the time, Roughneck Riot don’t hold back, just as they say in ‘The Other Side’.

Not quite what you’d imagine, but Roughneck Riot have an amount of gusto and flair, all of it on offer in Out Of Anger. They seamlessly grab your attention, hold it, and give you a whole lot back. A surprise appearance in the British punk scene, the twist ending in the story, not what you expect but everything you want.

Venue: Out Of Anger
Support Band: TNS Records

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