Gates - Bloom & Breathe
Album Review

Gates – Bloom & Breathe

The New Jersey quintet have finally unveiled their first full length, and it’s gripping and engaging as their EP. Bloom & Breathe takes everything that made You Are All you Have Left To Fear, and builds on it. He scope of the band’s offering here is huge, and is packed full of the grandiose and eclectic music you would relate to Gates – but with no egos in sight.

Previously released tracks like the lead single ‘Not My Blood’ and ‘Low’ really encapsulate what this album has to offer, and if you’re a fan of those then you have nothing to fear, as the rest of Bloom & Breathe is a joy to listen to. Other choice cuts include ‘Born Dead’ and ‘Again At The Beginning’, a 6 minute romp that sounds like an album closer, but there’s still more to Bloom & Breathe than that.

As a full length debut, it’s tough to come out as strong as this. But Gates have come out swinging, and the result of this is sublime. Ever emotive, ever engrossing, Gates are the gift that keep on giving.

Venue: Bloom & Breathe
Support Band: Pure Noise Records

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