Glamour Of The Kill - After Hours
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Glamour Of The Kill – After Hours

Glamour of The Kill’s latest release ‘After Hours’ begins with thundering grooves and a rousing chorus. The quartet, originally hailing from York, have been making a name for themselves since 2008 with their unique post-hardcore twist on 80s glam and party metal.

Having established themselves, and departed from their label, the band funded the EP via a Kickstarter campaign – this collection of songs is as much for the fans as it is for the band themselves. On their latest release, the band haven’t experimented much – the EP is a slightly grittier affair than the band’s sophomore album, but it seems the four-piece are choosing to stick to their winning formula of pop-rock hooks and 80s-metal-inspired riffage.

It’s a winning formula; fans of Escape The Fate and Papa Roach will have plenty to be happy about, as lead single ‘Out of Control’ features Jacoby Shaddix, and standout track ‘Earthquake’ blends the vocals of Davey Richmond and Craig Mabbitt.

The EP will do nothing for those who already detest the band’s sound (closer ‘Blood Drunk’ is another riff-heavy tune with an indulgent guitar solo) but newcomers to the EP may well be won over by its unerring catchiness, because it is a solid effort.

– Iqra Choudhry

Venue: After Hours
Support Band: Self Release

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