The Ghost Inside - Dear Youth
Album Review

The Ghost Inside – Dear Youth

Dear Youth is not only The Ghost Inside’s latest record; it’s also by far their best. Essentially, ‘Dear Youth’ is a revamped ‘Get What You Give’. Despite the shift in lyrical themes, it’s packed with the same brutal riffs, thrashy drum beats and aggressive screaming. In simpler terms it’s still very much The Ghost Inside, but better.

From a band that was primarily solely reliable for big beats and heart wrenching screams, they’ve come a long way since their Mediaskare Records days; no doubt owing to the addition of Jeremy McKinnon to their production team. His influence is unmistakable throughout. From the influx of clean vocals, gang choruses to the melodic-vocal-mirroring guitar work – it’s all very A Day To Remember; but it really, really works.

What’s clear is that this record is totally flawless. So flawless, that it’s actually difficult to choose highlights. From the outset and throughout, these guys have nailed what true melodic hardcore should be about. ‘Mercy’ being a prime example of this – no track starting with a nod to Metallica can do any wrong, and that’s before the award winning breakdown is addressed. That’s not to say that the album is just full of the same old riff-breakdown-riff structure, though, as ‘Phoenix Flame’ and ‘Wide Eyed’ provide a more touching and subtle approach to the genre.

Basically, ‘Dear Youth’ is brilliant. The tracks all flow seamlessly and there’s enough variation to keep all 44 minutes engaging – rare for a melodic hardcore record. Sure, it’s not overly original. All of its musical influences are pretty blatant and for the majority it’s hardly unpredictable, but let’s be honest, what is these days?

The Ghost Inside have made an obvious step-up and created a rager of a record; let’s hope it gets them the full recognition that they deserve.

– Mercedes Brown

Venue: Dear Youth
Support Band: Epitaph

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