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Interstellar Soundtrack Review

Interstellar Hans Zimmer once again teams up with Christopher Nolan for another science fiction epic, this time with wormhole exploring Interstellar.

Anyone familiar with the back catalogue between these two will know about The Dark knight trilogy and notably also Inception.

Interstellar is much more low key in comparison to the two.  But there are instruments of choice that stand out. With Zimmer it could focus on guitar, or hammering drums, but here the key element is the organ. In fact it becomes very organ heavy when the music springs to life. But it is waiting for these bursts of energy early on that will test the casual listener.

There is also a ticking clock thematic that is important to the story itself and the plot mechanics of time. Anyone who has seen the film Watchmen might be familiar with the back story of Dr Manhattan – which is also organ heavy, and a short narrative that is told through time. There are strong parallels in that music that can be drawn with what Zimmer is doing here.

The music becomes a kaleidoscope of sound, ticking, humming, rising and swirling orchestral swells. It’s largely original from what Zimmer has produced in the past, but won’t be remembered beyond what it does mechanically. As a score it is strong and takes over where the film-makers want it to. As a casual listening piece it will be much more for the focussed listener and not the casual ear.

4 Stars




Steven Hurst

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