Bosco Rogers - GooGoo EP
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Bosco Rogers – GooGoo EP

Now here’s something bright and sunny for a cold morning. The debut EP from “flower punk” duo Barth and Del (or Barthélémy Corbelet and Delphinius Vargas from Hastings via Paris) is a ten minute, four track slice of lively and varied music. It almost feels like a demo or audition tape, and leaves the listener thinking that there must be a great deal more to come from the pair.

The EP’s four tracks all have a retro feel – but with a modern twist. Opener Googoo has a garage guitar feel, but with reverb heavy vocals that are more chilled. In Stereo has a faster pace, the guitar sounding very sixties here. Corner To Corner builds on a lovely organ swirl that gives it a touch of the psychedelic. In The Middle is the standout track, a short and uplifting ballad with a catchy chorus that sees a fine guitar melody turn into whistled section. Listen to it twice and it will be in your head all day long.

If the point of a debut EP is to give a taster and leave you wanting more then the GooGoo EP works perfectly. It has a bright and optimistic air mixed with occasionally more strident guitars that hint at a harder edge. But the overall feelgood approach leaves a fine first impression. Look out for more from Bosco Rogers.

Venue: GooGoo EP
Support Band: Bleepmachine

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