Cristobal and The Sea - Peach Bells EP
Album Review

Cristobal and The Sea – Peach Bells EP

Welcome to the uptempo, world-rhythm splicing world of Cristobal and The Sea, where Brazilian bossa-nova and trippy 60’s era Americana rub shoulders in a psychedelic South-American hallucination packed with multicultural heritage and sunshine vibes as far as the eye can see.

If you like Seu Jorge’s re-imaginings of David Bowie on The Life Aquatic soundtrack, you’re going to feel right at home nestled amongst this beautifully evocative collection of hip-swaying, toe-tapping, breezy offerings from this London collective who’ve been flung together from far and wide. In a wonderful reflection of the city in which they make their home, the Peach Bells EP borrows like a magpie from multiple backgrounds and slings them into a melting pot so sumptuous that there are gifts at every twist and turn.

Dreamy tropicalia-pop swirls relentlessly, almost hedonistically, on the sexual ‘My Love (Ay Ay Ay)’ with it’s hypnotic drone punctuated by panpipes as vocalist João Seixas wails “whatever you’re doing to my soul, please don’t go” before the infectiously rhythmic band launch into another full scale assault on the senses.

Hailing from Spain, Portugal, Corsica/France and good old Blighty, it’s fair to say that this eclectic lot are peddling the sort of effortlessly cool, culturally informed and timeless material that leaves a certain pang of regret in an ex-musician’s heart and a desire to dance that’s impossible to ignore. Quite simply wonderful.

– Jamie Otsa

Venue: Peach Bells EP
Support Band: City Slang

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