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The Imitation Game Soundtrack Review

88875012122 THE IMITATION GAME INT cd-a-bklt_rev 3_.Composer Alexandre Desplat is craving quite the name for himself with his mix of big and small movies he has scored. A name familiar now to awards voters, and slowly getting recognition in households.

His work for The Imitation Game is another delightful notch worth earmarking. The soundtrack is full of vibrancy and character right from the beginning – and there is no shortage of tracks listed on the disc either.

Desplat has given the film a very classical theme with its combination of Key, string and wind accompaniment – puzzling and the listener with a hidden sense of worry, but also beauty. It’s often a tense score, but always travelling at the same time. This melodic sense of worry that plays throughout the score giving it an inner turmoil that connects strongly with the main character.

The Imitation Game is strong score, exuberant in its chase to tell the story and to make it exciting along the way. A very listenable score.

4 Stars




Steven Hurst

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