Fresh Chops: Hannah Schneider

Fresh Chops: Hannah Schneider

A fantastically expressive and effortlessly vast offering of dreamy electro pop today from Hannah Schneider, with the swirling flurry of icy new single ‘Wild Open’.

The track is taken from the Danish songwriter’s latest album Red Lines. Granddaughter of the famed violinist Alexander Schneider, a member of the celebrated Budapest String Quartet, Schneider has a history as intriguing as the complex and inviting pop that she lends her namesake to.

“I’m a total melody fanatic. I have favourite songs in every genre, from Robyn’s “Do You Really Love Me” to Joni Mitchells “A Case of You”. A good melody does the right thing at the right time. You have to be able to cover a whole landscape in three or four minutes. Every time a verse finishes, there’s got to be a little lift,” she explains.

On ‘Wild Open’ she artfully evokes a gentle, drifting snow on a crisp day via the medium of synthesizers, echoing bass and the crack of programmed drums painting an accurately beautiful and wintery aural landscape. Stunning.

Listen to ‘Wild Open’ here:

Red Lines is out now on Lojinx in the UK.

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