Top 10 Punk Rock Records from 2014

Top 10 Punk Rock Records from 2014

Our resident punk rock writer Adam Lewis is also the drummer in Cumbrian punk trio Colt 45 – did you know that? Well, you learn something new every day don’t you. In any case, here he is to give us the rundown of his Top 10 albums from 2014. Let’s not have that old argument about what’s punk and what’s not either – it’s a state of mind. In no particular order…

Manic Street Preachers – Futurology

The 12th album from Wales’ finest sees them still as relevant today as they were 23 years ago when their glam-punk debut Generation Terrorists slapped the UK rock scene hard around the chops. Tinged with post-punk and Kraut-rock vibes throughout, the tracks maintain the intrigue and intellect that has kept them at the top of their game for so long.

The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

Another belter from the blue-collared New Jersey gang, with 16 songs of love, loss and reflection. This winning formula crafted by Fallon & co has been in place a good few years (and albums) now, and Get Hurt carries on where Handwritten left off, and you get the feeling that Mr Fallon just wants someone to love him. His heartache is unequivocally our gain however as long as he keeps churning out instant classics like 1000 Years and Rollin’ & Tumblin’.

Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Oozing big riffs and killer beats, the hotly anticipated LP from the Brighton duo didn’t disappoint. The only problem with this record was that we’d heard most of it before its release. Even so it’s a little monster of a debut (see what I did there?!).

Marmozets – The Weird & Wonderful Marmozets

A mental mash-up of the best bits of punk, metal, hardcore and pop, the sibling-led rockers are almost certainly here to stay. Currently bossing it all over Europe, this debut album gets better and more interesting with every listen.

Roughneck Riot – Out Of Anger

Packing in 14 anthems of punk rock fury, and a big fuck-you to the system, all hail the new Kings (and Queen) of British folk-punk. Even more entertaining live than on record, this second album from Warrington’s finest is a certified banger from start to finish.

Electric River – The Faith & The Patience

Rightly deserving of all the praise and glowing reviews their full debut received on release, the Kent rockers have delivered big time. Tracks like Keep The Engine Burning and This Garden Will Grow cement their place in 2014’s most exciting new discoveries.

The Menzingers – Rented World

Despite lacking the instant gratification of previous offering, ‘On The Impossible Past,’ The Menzingers have still delivered a peach of a follow-up, released on Epitaph back in April. First track ‘I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore’ picks up where OTIP left off, and offers a further 11 tales of fists-in-the-air-style mortality, heartache and disillusionment.

Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Their first release in a few years not to suffer from Butch Vig’s ‘Wall of Sound’ style of production, this is a record about challenging idealogy and identity. Penned around the same time as Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender, the album has a current of uncertainty throughout, which makes it all the more endearing to listen to and absorb. ‘FuckMyLife666’ sums it all up nicely, “There’s a brave new world that’s raging inside of me,” an idea not lost on the majority of those listening to it I’d imagine.

Jack White – Lazaretto

As a fan of most of White’s previous work, Lazaretto did not disappoint, fusing the blues rock influences he’s always been happy to wear on his sleeve with some psychedelic and space-rock twists & turns, all wrapped up in White’s typical what-the-fuck-is-he-on-about Southern snarl. Even better to watch live, this album is a winner on every level.

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

Rising head and shoulders above the rest of the one man and his guitar frat pack, Howard builds on the promise of his 2011, million-selling debut ‘Every Kingdom,’ with 10 slices of evocative, melancholy modern song writing. Marrying his delicate acoustic guitar work with effective and not-over-top electronic elements, you can bet your last fiver Mr Howard will be at the top of the solo acoustic acts pile for a while to come, and deservedly so.

– Adam Lewis

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