Ones To Watch 2015: Rude

Ones To Watch 2015: Rude

It’s always difficult when you’ve essentially got absolutely no information about an artist other than a couple of great songs and a load of hyperbole loaded adjectives ready to spray all over said tunes.

Such is the case with Rude, who we can find very little about, but based on the strength of their latest offering ‘Heartbreaker’ we think it’s best to keep a beady eye on this lot over the course of 2015.

We can tell you that they’re signed to Love By Mistake Records, they’re British, and they’re keeping their cards very close to their chest in all other respects.

Aside from that, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a wholesome slice of soul-driven, down tempo electronica with a breaky, jungle-influenced beat and heavily syncopated percussive loops. A subtle offering with a smooth male vocal and a Jackson-worthy melody, this, when combined with their debut demo ‘Disco’, marks them out as a talent with potential for this year.

Check out the track here:

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