Fresh Chops: The Soft Moon

Fresh Chops: The Soft Moon

Imagine yourself on a DMT binge with Atari Teenage Riot and Trent Reznor. You’ve just created a metaphor for The Soft Moon, congratulations – we hope one day you manage to crawl out of this bleak and bass driven soundscape with your black heart still beating, but it’s unlikely you’re even going to see the light of day again.

Such is the inherent gloom and hopelessness contained within new single ‘Black’ – cheerful pop it ain’t, but a brilliant slice of raging industrial electronica it most certainly is.

On the 31st March Luis Vasquez a.k.a. The Soft Moon will release his new album ‘Deeper’ via Captured Tracks, his most personally reflective album to date, one where he finally “felt the urge to express [himself]”.

The first taste of the album comes with ‘Black’, whose “innovation, mantra, and darkness” says Vasquez, gives him “a sense of confidence to move forward in my everyday life.”

See them live:

05/27 – London, UK – The Garage

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