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What We Did On Our Holiday Review

wwdThe filmmakers (rightly) do not hide the fact that this is created from the makers of the television show Outnumbered.  Anyone familiar with that show with know exactly what to expect from this. Unbelievable smart arse kids and even more unbelievable dumb adults co-existing in a world that does away with a lot of the rules of living together as a society. All for the point of making with the ridicule and pointing it in at ourselves for the sake of two dimensional drama, but big hearty laughs.

This is literally their leap to the big screen as this very (very!) televisual film takes talent from the likes of Rosamund Pike, David Tennant and Billy Connolly and throws a bunch of mouthy kids at them.

Dough (Tennant) and his wife Abi (Pike) take their three kids off to the Scottish highlands to celebrate the birthday of Doug’s ailing father (Connolly). It’s evident that just about every single member of the family (including the extended family) has serious issues and everyone’s idea of dealing with it is completely wrong. But then a tragic event occurs and suddenly everything is up in the air and the media descends upon the crumbling family as they are forced to confront one and other – which of course can only end with a large emotional outpouring.

WWDOOH will infuriate some viewers who can’t handle the “Outnumbered” type characters. But this is a mere hurdle for others to get over as there is plenty of good laughs to be had throughout the film as the characters interact with each other. This is largely down to the performances of those involved, but also a few nice one-liners here and there that keep the script that little bit smarter than the characters that inhabit it.

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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