Fresh Chops: Hellions

Fresh Chops: Hellions

Remember when we went all gooey over Hellions the other day? Well, we’re gonna do it again…and probably again…and again…because they’re really, really, really good.

The Australian trio have released another new track ‘Nottingham’ – a vicious and balls out slice of intricate and intellectual punk from their debut album ‘Indian Summer’ which is released on 2nd February.

You’d better just get used to hearing loads about this band because we can’t get enough really – compare this to 90% of the processed dross we’re usually inundated with and it’s clear to see why we’re so excited. Guess what bands? You can be credible and accessible at the same time without pandering to the pop machine – Hellions are the proof.

Says guitarist Matt Gravolin of the new track, “Nottingham is about comparative thinking and jealousy within a relationship; The unearthing of the erstwhile in cardiac landfill after incessant inquiry, begetting a mutual resentment.”

Check it out and let us know what you think:

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