Treasures - Alive
Album Review

Treasures – Alive

Basingstoke quintet Treasures release their debut EP ‘Alive’ today, the culmination of an incubation period that many new bands seem to feel able to skip out on in the current climate. Maybe it’s the fact it’s easier than ever to record your own material that’s contributed towards the increasingly rapid output of new acts, but with Treasures it’s refreshing to see they’ve taken the first few years of their career to slowly carve out a sound before unleashing it on the world. The overall effect is one many new bands could learn much from; that of a polished and impressive outfit who are more than ready to hit the ground running.

Whilst they do inevitably list towards the Mallory Knox and Young Guns end of the spectrum, what marks this bunch out from the crowd is an added depth brought, at least in part, from the edge of their front man Nick Beeney and a wider understanding of the origins of the melodic rock in which they’re specialising.

An integral part of their unique sound are Beeney’s distinctive and guttural vocals; reminiscent of Alexisonfire-era Dallas Green they teeter precariously on top of a seething, angsty mass of Thursday-influenced riffs, whilst gang vocals borrowed from the punk and hardcore scene punctuate melody-heavy choruses the likes of which have seen a host of UK bands rising quickly to the forefront of the pack.

EP highlights such as the explosive ‘Do What I Want’ go a long way to proving that Treasures might just be the full package – a carefully crafted and anthemic chorus which could really open doors for the band in the right circles. If they carry on like this, we expect you’ll be hearing plenty more of Treasures before the year is out.

– Simon Rendall

Venue: Alive
Support Band: Self Release

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