Skarlett Riot - We Are The Brave
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Skarlett Riot – We Are The Brave

Skarlett Riot’s excellent 2013 debut album Tear Me Down marked the young quartet from Scunthorpe as a band to watch. Their classic rock based sound has a modern feel, and the high energy, riff heavy music backs the powerful vocals of frontwoman Skarlett to create a raw and passionate aural assault.

Now, after a year of hard gigging around the UK, including very well received sets at Download and Bloodstock, we have some new music to savour. And the five track We Are The Brave EP is well worth savouring. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this release is that I’ve been listening to it for a couple of weeks now and my favourite track has changed many times. They are all fine songs with not a weak link among them.

Opening track Divide Us begins with a minute or so of instrumental music that builds over an impossibly fast drum beat and acts as an overture to the EP. And when Skarlett’s vocals come in, strong and defiant, the tone is set. The riffs are fast and full of verve, the drums and bass set a backing that throbs and the guitars and vocals mix melodic verses with anthemic choruses that are full of attitude. Skarlett Riot have a confident and forceful sound, and the rebellion clear from the lyrics fits the music perfectly.

Cascade follows, the vocals commanding over a riff filled backing. This is a full tilt, throttle open rocker that thrills. And the chant along chorus is destined to make this one a live favourite. Wake Up Has a slightly slower pace, the heartfelt lyrics that call for action rising to fever pitch. The tempo builds and falls several times, the quieter sections giving brief respite before the massive sound resumes.

Rising sees the guitar work reach new levels, the combination of blistering riffs and fast lead work flowing over a rhythm section that plays at great speed. Skarlett’s vocals are spat out with real venom in another song with real attitude. And the final track Are You Alive has it all: the melodic vocals, the riffs and hooks, the fast drum beat and massive bass lines. It demands attention, challenges the listener and blasts away any opposition in uncompromising style.

It was always going to be difficult for Skarlett Riot to follow their excellent debut album. But if anything they have shown further development as a band with five new tracks that show an attitude and a confidence that belies their youth. We Are The Brave shows a band with a lot to say and the ability to say it in an exciting and dynamic manner. Catch them live around the UK and you will soon be convinced that Skarlett Riot are something very special indeed.

Venue: We Are The Brave
Support Band: Code 7 – Sr Records

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