Gengahr - She's A Witch EP
Album Review

Gengahr – She’s A Witch EP

The first thing that hits you about Gengahr is the faux-vintage pastiche that permeates playback, a soft high-pitched singalong swims through a haze of warm analogue sound that is distinctly and deliberately delivered.

Sadly the second thing that hits you is that nothing is really hitting you at all, and it is upsetting that a band that is likeable and entirely listenable are remarkably unadventurous. To pin the word ‘bland’ to them would be going to extremes that I am not even going close to, but as second track Haunter replicates much of the same dynamics and sounds of opener and EP namesake, She’s A Witch, I would perhaps go as far as calling them uninteresting.

Thankfully the four track EP has a slow building quality as it works it’s way through the gears and the latter half of the release exhibits a little more verve worthy of attention. Both Powder and the more sparsely instrumented closing track Bathed In Light are far more admirable efforts that borrow heavily from other psych-influenced contemporaries that have dug up the sounds of the past for critical acclaim.

Venue: She’s A Witch EP
Support Band: Transgressive

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