Artemis - Nothing Left To See
Album Review

Artemis – Nothing Left To See

Styling themselves as a ‘chaotic’ hardcore band, Basingstoke quintet Artemis are clearly out to make waves. Their latest release, 6-track EP ‘Nothing Left To See’ is an anarchic collection of dirty grooves, raw screams and rawer talent. Having hit the road with fellow up-and-coming bands in the UK hardcore scene, from The Catharsis to Palm Reader and Polar, the band have been slowly growing their fanbase.

4/6 of the EP’s tracks clock in at less than three minutes; it’s not hard to hear the influences behind the ferocious riffs – the five-piece sound alternately like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and Baby Godzilla, and yet retaining something unique and exciting all of their own; the band’s sound is refreshing in the extreme.

It seems that Artemis have thrown the rule book out of the window – from the first grungy, doom-laden grooves of EP opener ‘I Am Alive’ to standout track ‘Dark Passenger’ – a song described by the band as ‘about the elusive evil within all people that we don’t necessarily see’ – the EP is a tantalising glimpse at what the band could be capable of in a few years.

We can only assume that the name ‘Artemis’ is going to be on a few more lips once the record is released, because here, if ever there was one, is a band that will make people sit up and listen.

– Iqra Choudhry

Venue: Nothing Left To See
Support Band: Self Release

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