Sponsored video: Reebok Classics

Sponsored video: Reebok Classics

Sponsored by Reebok

What makes a classic into a classic? How do we decide what stands the test of time and what fades away into obscurity? Some potential classics last through the ages and some of them are already yesterday’s news, but what makes that crucial difference?

With music, like most things in life, it seems indefinable – a transient, intangible quality that makes us say “this is my song”. We hold on to certain songs all though our lives, revisiting them at our most emotional moments, investing little pieces of ourselves in their melodies and meanings.

Whether it’s a lifeline to a string of memories we want to keep close to our hearts or a signal to the world about our own identity, we all allow ourselves to be defined by our passions. We wear them proudly on our sleeves, they become an ingrained part of our personalities – like medals pinned to our chests, or the shoes on our feet.

We’ve all got that one song that we keep coming back to again and again throughout our lifetime, the one that reminds you of old friends, lost loves, stomping grounds you left behind and might still one day rediscover. There’s something about that nagging feeling that you can’t quite escape, an endless restlessness that makes you realise that what you’re searching for, the greener grass, it doesn’t exist.

When you come across a classic, you don’t let go of it – it stays with you for life.

This post has been sponsored by Reebok, but is all our own opinion.

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