Quiet As A Mouse - Memorybox EP
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Quiet As A Mouse – Memorybox EP

Memorybox is the second EP from Edinburgh indie quartet Quiet As A Mouse (singer / songwriter Alex Moran, guitarist Ali Walker, bassist Richard Cobb and drummer Graham Longbottom) following on from 2014’s well received British Flag. The band has been receiving some very good live reviews, and this four track release should now bring them some radio attention too.

Recorded at Ca Va in Glasgow, the EP opens with lead single Snowflake. The stark and slow love song is ardent, the vocals delivered over a slow drum beat and a lovely bass line. And then it burst into life with some good guitar work to finish with a rather unexpected crescendo. This is the best of the four tracks, the combination of feeling and melody making it stand out.

The Day The Cat Came To Stay has a totally different sound, a jaunty opening built around a fast drum beat heralding an uptempo indie song with just a hint of a folk influence. There’s some nice guitar work in the middle of this one too. Letter In My Pocket sees the pace drop once more, for a melodic love song that see the tempo rise nicely in the chorus. The closing title track Memorybox uses slow vocals that come close to being spoken rather than sung. Again, change of pace is used well as a mid song swell of music livens things up.

Quiet As A Mouse have a nice line in indie music with strong melody and a knack for producing short songs that seem to include a good variety of sounds. The music rises and falls to contrast with the smooth vocals and the solid instrumentation back the lead singer well. A band worth keeping an eye on; there is more to come from this quartet.

Venue: Memorybox EP
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