Video of the day: The Wealden - LIFELINE

Video of the day: The Wealden – LIFELINE

This disturbing and glutinous new video from The Wealden caught our eye today, combining the creative forces of two of the most in-demand musicians in the UK – composer/guitarist Justin Quinn and vocalist/songwriter Tim Dickinson.

Sought after for their unrivalled musicianship and unparalleled stylistic sensitivity their new EP ‘Rushes’ is a foray into the world of art-pop, avant-pop, art-rock and individuality.

Dickinson’s background lies in choral music (his classical credits are far too many to mention here) with a host of other accolades whilst Quinn is a critically acclaimed guitarist and composer whose very early career lies in jazz.

The Wealden is a new partnership of two exemplary artists who have worked together for seven years and could just be the start of something big for the duo.

Watch the video here:

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