Reporters - Only Noise EP
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Reporters – Only Noise EP

Milton Keynes based duo Reporters have a passionate guitar based sound, with a confident and high energy indie approach. The Only Noise EP sees Dan Stock (vocals and guitars) and Josh Ringsell (drums and backing vocals) giving it their all in a lo-fi mix of fuzzy guitars, pounding drums and ardent vocals.

Title track Only Noise has a catchy chorus and an energetic feel with chunky guitar chords and fast paced vocals that are edgy and powerful. There’s a polish to the music, yet the rough edges add authenticity to an urban anthem.

Easy Does It is melodic and slightly slower, but the passion of the lyrics still comes across strongly. The EP’s third track is the acoustic In A Minute, and it works really well. The combination of guitar melody and Stock’s smooth vocals gives an easy feel to a mature sounding song.

Reporters have a confident sound for a young band and the music doesn’t feel at all minimalist as a duo. Their live sets are already building the pair a reputation as exciting performers too. Reporters might well be a name worth noting.

Venue: Only Noise EP
Support Band: Phret Records

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