15.05.15 - Glasswerk TFIF Playlist

15.05.15 – Glasswerk TFIF Playlist

We were saddened by the news of the death of blues legend BB King today, so we’d like to dedicate this week’s edition of the Glasswerk Thank Fuck It’s Friday playlist to the great man himself. Without the forefathers of blues, most modern music as we know it might never have existed – we music fans owe them a debt much greater than a cursory nod to their status.

In the words of the King:

“People I’ve traveled from town to town
Seems like everybody want to put me down
Because I’m a bluesman
But I’m a good man, understand

I went down to the bus station
I looked upon the wall
My money was too light people
Couldn’t go no where at all
See I’m a bluesman
But a good man, understand

The burdens that I carry, oh are so heavy
It seems like ain’t nobody in this great big world
That would want to help old B.
Hey, but I would be alright people
Just give me a break, good things come
To those who wait, I’ve waited a long time
I’m a bluesman
But I’m a good man, understand”

This week’s playlist includes: BB King, People Under The Stairs, Hot Head Show, Stoneghost, For Esmé, RAINER, Josh Flowers & The Wild, HOLY HOLY, groombridge, Occupanther, SPOON, ZOHARA, Shiny Darkly, Johnny Sands and Ghost Culture.

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