Secret Company - Saviour EP
Album Review

Secret Company – Saviour EP

Every once in a while does a young band spring to life with such promise as Secret Company. Seeing them play a small show in Hoxton drew attention towards them, but this 4 track EP simply solidifies interest. Short, sweet and to the point, it kicks off with the title track and moves from there.

Grandiose and delicate, it’s easy to see why the band mentions The Killer’s ‘Sams Town’ and The Maccabee’s as inspiration, hitting the notes and emotions in the same such way. Comparisons to The 1975 can also be made, in the song writing style and lyricism.

But make no mistake that Secret Company are certainly able to step out of the shadows of these giants in the industry, and make a mark for themselves. The evidence for this is in the EP’s final, powerful track “Holding On”. Opening with echoes and the gentle strumming of a guitar, it soon turns into the looming, sensitive ballad which erupts as guitarist and bassist join the fray among the backing vocals, to leave you fully immersed within the emotion.

Quite a feat to gain all that momentum in 4 minutes, only to kill the EP. But that may be the best decision the band made, closing the release in such a way. It leaves you wanting more, and hitting the repeat button just to get that. An EP is meant to be a tease, to hook you in, and Secret Company’s Saviour EP does just that.

A killer opening, a solid finish, and plenty to enjoy in between, keep an eye out for what could be the UK music scenes best kept secret.

Venue: Saviour EP
Support Band: So Recordings

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