Nathan Detroit - Downcast
Album Review

Nathan Detroit – Downcast

Trowbridge emo punks Nathan Detroit released their brand new EP, ‘Downcast’, on August 7th through Speaking Tongues.

The follow up to 2014’s ‘Peace of Mind’, these five strong tracks show that there is still plenty of punk attitude to be found in Little Britain, with opening track ‘23rd’ providing a welcome introduction to the rest of the EP. Instrumentally this record is impressive throughout, and – praise the Lord – there is no faux American accent; front man Jamie Reeve really is in his element vocally throughout these songs.

The pace is set by the first three tracks, but we’re bought back down by ‘RUH’ – one of the stand out tracks from the EP, this subtle and more emotional number smacks you straight in the feels. ‘Downcast’, however, is the true highlight of the EP, taking the pace back up again, highlighting everything that Nathan Detroit have to offer – from harmonies to great riffs, this is proper pop punk and something for the British scene to be proud of.

Downcast is available to buy here.

– Jess Kempner

Venue: Downcast
Support Band: Speaking Tongues

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