Video of the day: Vaadat Charigim - Hashiamum Shokea

Video of the day: Vaadat Charigim – Hashiamum Shokea

As Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim prepare for the UK release of their new record ‘Sinking as a Stone’ on September 25th, they have shared a new video for ‘Hashiamum Shokia’ which you can check out below.

With a cast comprised of various active artists in the local Tel Aviv scene, the video is a potent portrayal of frustration and hopelessness, as singer Yuval Haring stares deadpan through a sea of repetitive actions, chanting the chorus. Hugely influential on the Israeli rock scene, their brooding, textured shogaze has attracted a rapidly growing international following despite singing entirely in Hebrew – an unprecedented achievement for an Israeli rock band.

‘Sinking as a Stone’ follows their 1st LP – ‘The World is Well Lost’ (2012) and continues the band’s search for meaning in a chaotic, war stricken world – a world they openly speak of.

In a recent interview, front man Yuval Haring explained; “This new record is more complex for me. Instead of singing about missiles falling on a shopping mall and naming the missile and the shopping mall, I am taking the essence of that, and breaking it down to its basic mechanism; I am dealing with it piece by piece, as fragments. The first record was an impressionistic painting to me. I was observing the world. In time, I leaned more into inner observation and began a process of recording as expressing.”

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