Sinkane x Peaking Lights - Mean Dub EP
Album Review

Sinkane x Peaking Lights – Mean Dub EP

Sinkane, otherwise known as Ahmed Gallab, is a musician of the world. The London-born, Sundanese-rooted and now New York-based artist seamlessly combines the genres of jazz funk, African soul with krautrock and psychedelic pop to create a sound that is uniquely fresh yet strangely familiar.

Having released the groove-laden album Mean Love last year, Sinkane has now teamed up with husband and wife duo Peaking Lights to create a reggae infused remix EP titled Mean Dub.

The four tracks transport the listener to a planet that is bathed in wonderful sunshine. Skank-friendly ‘Yacha’ is the perfect festival track, with its 10 minutes of rich swaying bass. Following track ‘Galley Boys’ turns it down a few notches with slower place. Echoes spiral into one another as the sound of synths wobble and delay. It’s a track to close your eyes and get lost in. Gallab’s high vocals adds a strong otherworldly feel it all, as it drifts soulfully along.

These dub remixes take Sinkane’s soul-psych originals and rework them to be the perfect summer music. The previously so-well-constructed is deconstructed and reassembled; washed over with a yellow haze filter. Enjoy it while the sun’s still out.

– Jennifer Ho

Venue: Mean Dub EP
Support Band: City Slang

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