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We Are Still Here Review

stillhereThis haunted house movie sees horror actress favourite Barbara Crampton taking the lead as she moves to a new house with her husband after their adult soon has recently been killed in an accident.

But before long the locals are imposing themselves on their lives (spelling out the plot and announcing spooky goings on) and then something in the cellar (always the sodding cellar!) starts to go bump in the night, morning and afternoon!

The couple call on their hippie friends to come and stay with them and perhaps start to get to the bottom of the matter – instead of doing the wise thing and simply moving out.

Yes we are in cursed haunted house territory here. But there is enough mystery to give people an enjoyable enough romp to sit though (albeit a slight nod to movies like Carpenter’s The Fog to truly take anyone by surprise.)

The effects work is fine when the budget allows for any. Horror producer Larry Fessendon puts in a game performance as one half of the hippie couple, but we are still in low budget, low thrills, minimum impact horror movie making. The intentions are fine, but there really are not any tricks here you have seen pulled before. It all matters how much of a horror fan you are and how easily pleased you are by such fare. Fans of the actors will at least get some value.

Steven Hurst

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