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The Guru Review

Guru_dvd_3DAnother poor individual sets off in search of the American dream, leaving their home and culture behind them in the hope of hitting it bit. But all is not as it seems in this all too familiar fish in a big pond scenario.

Of course it isn’t ling before this out of his depth fish looks indeed to his own culture and talents to succeed. The twist here in this our protagonist stumble by accident into the porn industry and ends up becoming the eponymous sex “guru.”

Jimi Mistry is an engaging if rather flatly written lead in this sexy comedy dance romp.  But it is otherwise a rather clumsy clash of cultures relying too heavily on basic stereotypes as well as suspension of disbelief at a string level in order to help the comedy work that would have been fine in the 90s perhaps when sit-coms were really this stupid. But otherwise it’s a laugh and a half but forgettable.

The DVD does though come packed with plenty of commentaries, deleted material and promotional items for those that do get their grove on with this one!

Steven Hurst

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