Video premiere: JPTR - Revolution

Video premiere: JPTR – Revolution

We’re pleased be premiering this visually striking new video from newcomers JPTR today for their minimalist and rhythmic new track ‘Revolution’ which you can check out below.

According to the pair, JPTR will release a song on every full moon in 2016 and each song will only feature vocals and drums. It’s an impressively bold approach that makes up for what it lacks in depth with an intriguingly sparse use of rhythm and melody to create an effective and affecting little soundscape.

Speaking about the track the duo say:

“JPTR is an unstable, ever evolving metamorphic oscillation of KIU and IKARU. They are both morning and evening star, sense and reference, different and yet the same – JPTR is everything. JPTR will bend the fabric of formality, break minds and matt er. Why? Because you are way too fucking sensitive!”

Watch the video here:

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