Ciaran Lavery - Return To Form
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Ciaran Lavery – Return To Form

Twangs of joyful pain play out over twinkling percussion, delivered by a voice that contains just enough gravel to make my heart melt.

At some point I grew older, I grew softer, and at some point I developed a wider appreciation of all things singer/songwriter and folky.

Where once it was a calming punctuation in a hectic life, now I long for the escape into a quiet sanctuary of beardy chin-stroking and acoustic guitars, to disconnect while I have the chance and get away from constant updates, chiming whatsapp tones and spoon-fed algorithms.

Thank you Ciaran Lavery, for providing three minutes and fifteen seconds of reflection. He is speaking my language, almost taking my own words and putting them to song, Lavery is signalling the end of a different existence, gently declaring that things have changed, steadfastly declaring that life has changed.

We can’t hold back the years, all of our lives have brought us to this point so far, so let’s use that life experience to be the best version of us that we can possibly be.

previously published on Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle

Venue: Return To Form
Support Band: Believe Recordings

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