The Colour Line - The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval
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The Colour Line – The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval

It’s never dull, in ‘Ull. The heaviest thing to come out of Hull in well, ever, really. Right from the off the lads in The Colour Line prove that the (not as bleak as you think it is) North can provide the greatest of inspirations for forward-thinking hardcore.

Opener, ‘E = MC Hammered’ is a powerful statement of intent, and a a great indication of what’s to come, absolutely pulverising stuff that’s built to inspire aspiring heavy bands in bedrooms, and all-out destruction in mosh-pits.

Following up, we’ve got the delightfully titled ‘Usama’s Bin Liners’, packed full with bounce-baiting hooks and ferocious riff-fuelled venom spitting vocals, altogether crafting something that would doubtless be the most accessible and infectious offering on here. Well, that’s if ‘R.E.D’ wasn’t barging through with its proper massive technical beats, frenetic guitar parts and old-school punk with a nifty FFAF-meets-Converge vibe – totally catchy but utterly bulldozing in its pace and tone. Wonderful stuff all-round really, and without question a proper spectacle within the live arena.

While ‘The Streisand Effect’ fires off with all the ferocity and angst of someone on a coke bender hurtling down the Humber Bridge for a Saturday night session in Spiders, ‘Sarcastronaut’ builds and builds towards a mega-frenzied crescendo that takes influence from the likes of ((RSJ)) and letlive. Here, real balls-to-the-wall energy and aggression is put to very good use, particularly focused around jackhammer drums and djent-rified guitar parts that allow the song to breathe, and, in-turn the listener to go absolutely fucking nuts wherever he/she sees fit. Definitely not the loos in Spiders, though. Not recommended.

If Hull has anything to celebrate right now, it’s the great musical output coming from all genres and styles. Most notably right now though, it’s the latest offering from The Colour Line (City of Culture? No? No.), bought to us by the almighty Basick Records, who have been carving out quite the reputation for themselves on the road supporting the likes of (the aforementioned) Funeral for a Friend and Bear; check ’em when you get a chance.

In summary then, Hull might be full of dank warehouses, damaged industrial sites, and people eating rather sad lookin’ fish and chip dinners, but The Colour Line are here to screw with all your other bullshit preconceptions – Hull is home to one of the best hardcore acts in the UK right now in these lads, live and on record. Bloody well deal with it.

– Dom Smith

Venue: The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval
Support Band: Basick Records

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